Why You Really DO Need a Different Morning & Evening Skin Routine

Aug 27 , 2021

You might not think that your skin can benefit from having a different routine in the morning and evening, but there’s actually lots of pros from adding a little extra sprinkle of lotions and potions before bedtime – read on to find out more!

In the mornings, we recommend using products specifically formulated for your skin type – be it oily, sensitive, dry or normal, your cleanser, toner and moisturiser will no doubt be a lighter version of those you use in the evening. This is usually due to the extra stress we put on our skin before we even leave the house, including layering on makeup and, of course, sunscreen to protect ourselves from the harsh rays of the sun.

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At night, however, we can give our skin some much-needed TLC after a day out and about. The key here is to focus on deep cleansing and hydration. Not only is it important to clean out all the dirt and impurities from the outside, but replenishing all the moisture lost, and soothing all the stress our skin has been under all day.


Our Recommendations for Improving Your Night Routine

Don’t worry – you definitely don’t need to use a different cleanser or toner before bed! Depending on your skin type, what you use in the morning is just as good in the evening. It’s what comes after these two steps that really makes the difference. 

Experts recommend layering your products from thinnest texture to thickest, and we have to agree! We know you probably rock an eye cream during the day, but to help hide the signs of sleepless nights, why not try an eye cream with a thicker formula? It will definitely help soothe any dark circles and puffiness.

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Next, a retinol-based serum is a must-have! We don’t recommend using retinol during the day, as it increases your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Using it at night with other ingredient-rich products, with no makeup or sunscreen on top of it, will definitely increase its effectiveness.    

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Switching to a night-specific moisturising cream for your face is a GAME CHANGER. A thicker texture can enrich your skin with the essential vitamins and actives you need to keep yourself looking younger for longer! Apply a bit more moisturiser than you would in the morning and take some time to massage it into your skin for extra softness and an awesome, soothing feeling.

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Bonus Tips:

  • Use a Non-Comedogenic Face Mask: The texture is thin enough so as not to clog your pores and lets your skin breathe while replenishing all the nutrients you’ve lost during the day.
  • Vitamin C Serum: You can use this during the day AND evening, making it an amazing addition to your skin routine.
  • Use Makeup Remover Before Cleansing: No matter how much your makeup may have rubbed off during the day, your skin will still benefit from wiping/cleansing off your makeup, before washing your face. If you’ve used a bit more product than usual, exfoliating before toning will definitely help!

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of having a more involved night-time skincare routine, we hope you’ll share your thoughts and progress with us!