How can I make a booking?
Booking and Appointments can be made via telephone, Email, Whatsapp and Facebook. Email: Whatsapp: 0646557989
Do you accept walk ins?/Do we need to book treatments in advance?
Bookings should be made in advance to avoid disappointment as we might not have availability on the day. We do accept walk ins, subject to availability.
Do you serve any meals?
We have a menu from the hotel that we can provide clients with which will be at an additional cost should the client choose to order.
Can I bring in any drinks/meals?
We unfortunately do no allow any food/drink to be brought in by our clients but the hotel does have an onsite bar and restaurant which you are allowed to order from.
Should I eat before the massage?
It is not advisable to do that, however if the client does eat before they come in then we suggest that they start with the foot treatment if it is part of their package.
For the massage, do I have to be undressed?
The client’s underwear remains on & we do provide disposable underwear if needed.
What time should I arrive for the treatment?
Preferably arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time or right on time.
Do we have to make a deposit?
Deposits are required for all group bookings/ large booking, special days, weekends or overnight packages.
What is the minimum age to use the Spa ?
2 to 3 years old - At the Spa people come to relax, noise levels need to be at the minimum, so an appropriate age would be an age that understands the importance of being silent at the Spa and abiding by the rules of the Spa.
What do I need to bring with me?
We provide clients with the necessary stuff such as; gowns, slippers and towels. If a client wants to bring their own that is also allowed.
Can I bring my kids?
We do not offer any child care and kids are not allowed in the waiting area.
I'm pregnant does it affect what massage I have?
Clients can select any package and change the massage to a pregnancy massage at no additional cost. During pregnancy it’s advisable not to have hot stones, a spa bath, Paraffin and a long facial steaming.
How should I pay?
Payment are done via eft, cash, card, online or Spa voucher.
What is the difference between a Swedish massage and a Deep Tissue Massage?
Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are two popular forms of massage. Swedish massage uses long strokes and light-to-firm pressure to provide gentle relaxation. Deep tissue massage is a more forceful technique that releases tension deep in the muscles and connective tissues
Can I change a package?
We allow 1 change per package, provided it’s the same cost and timing as the original treatment, provided these changes are made in advance and are subject to availability.
What time is check in and check out at the hotel?
Check in is at 14.00pm Check out is at 11.00am
Do you have a shower facility?
Yes we do, but notice must be given to the spa in order to make use of shower facilities.
Do we pay for parking?
Yes. The Ticket station is at the Hotel entrance.
The longest Package we have?
The Spa Fairy-tale which is 5 HOURS. Clients can also tailor make a package to suit them.
The shortest package?
30 Min - back, neck , shoulder massage or foot massage/ head massage
Do all branches offer the same packages?
Certain packages are only valid at the Royal Hotel only.
What is the latest time I can book for?
7.30pm for a 2 hour package.
Is there an area to have tea/ coffee?
Yes, we have a tea station, we offer tea and coffee.
Do I have to bring my partner for a ‘couples package’?
No, you can bring anyone along for a couples package. A ‘couple’ refers to two people.
May I choose the sequence of my treatment?
Unfortunately you cannot. Your treatment sequence is designed to ensure the best spa experience for you and other Spa guest.