Spa Durban Loyalty Cards

Benefit 1: Spa Discounts

  • Receive 5% Off our Spa Treatment Menu

Benefit 2: SpaBacks

  • Cash Back Coupons, SpaBacks Can Be Used to Discount any Treatment or Product Any Day of the Week
  • Earn SpaBacks with Every Treatment/Product & Earn Extra when you Visit The Royal Hotel.
  • Earn Double Spa Backs Every Monday & on Double SpaBacks Days
  • Your SpaBacks Balance is Displayed on your Purchase Receipt & SpaBacks Do Not Expire.

Benefit 3: Spa Points

  • Points Gives You Complimentary Spa Treatments(Rewards)
  • Earn Points with Every Treatment/Product/Voucher-R1=1 Point
  • Points Continue to Grow until You’re Ready to Claim a Reward. Even if You Redeem SpaBacks, Your Points Continue to Grow
  • You will receive an email detailing points earned and treatments (rewards) unlocked
  • Earn Extra Points By Referring Family & Friends

Benefit 4 : Spa Love Coupons

Just Because we love & Appreciate You

  • Receive a Special Treat from us on your Birthday-Add your Birthday To Your Profile on Facebook or on the Check Rewards Tab
  • Receive Monthly “Add-on” Complimentary Treatments

We Appreciate Your Frequency more than the Amount You Spend, The More Often You Visit us the Better the Spa Love Coupons & Rewards… 

Loyalty Terms and Conditions

  • All Benefits are valid only after your first visit.
  • Benefits are only awarded to profiles with valid email addresses.
  • To Qualify for birthday Coupons, you must log onto your Profile & fill in your birthday.
  • Birthday Coupons are only awarded to active Loyalty Profiles.
  • Each Coupon is on valid according to its specified terms.
  • Valid Monday to Thursday, Excludes Peak Seasons & Public Holidays.
  • All Coupons are Subject to Availability. 
  • Benefits are subject to change without prior notice

Terms for Referral System

* Referrals must be done via the referral link on the clients profile
* Referred Person must be a new customer with no existing profile or visits
* The Complimentary 3000 will be awarded *after* the referred person makes their first purchase at the spa
*This is automatically process and points cannot be added manually if a client does not follow the referral link.

We Look Forward to Spoiling you Soon!

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