The Best Acne Prevention Tips

Jan 30 , 2023

Clear skin is a confidence booster of note. Many of us try different products, ranging from affordable to extremely expensive, to achieve our skin goals. A lot of us are unaware of the fact that our daily habits can greatly affect our skin. Nasty breakouts can often make us feel insecure, and sometimes make it hard for us to leave the house without layering on the makeup. A few small lifestyle changes can help us keep the pimples away. If you’d like to find out which acne prevention tips and tricks we recommend, read on.


  1. Keep your skin clean: Washing our faces twice a day is extremely important when it comes to acne prevention. Often we are not washing our faces enough and this leads to breakouts. Cleansing our skin removes dirt and dead skin cells.


  1. Use the correct makeup: We have to be wary of the makeup products we are using. Non-comedogenic makeup is recommended by dermatologists. These products are designed to avoid clogged pores, which means that they are designed to prevent acne.


  1. Avoid constant sun exposure: The sun is good for the skin - in moderation. Excessive sun exposure can irritate the skin and cause breakouts. Using sunscreen that is recommended for your skin type is very important.


  1. Exercise daily: Stress is a major acne trigger. Working out reduces our stress levels and therefore is a great way to prevent breaking out. Sweating releases chemicals and dirt from our skin.


  1. A healthy diet: Our diet greatly affects our outward appearance. A balanced and healthy diet is recommended for all those that suffer with acne and breakouts. Reducing our intake of unhealthy foods, such as “fast food”, can make a major difference to our skin. Chocolates and cool-drinks are our skins’ enemy.


  1. Do not touch your skin too often: Throughout the day, we are constantly touching things. Germs collect on our hands and we use those same hands to touch our faces. This results in pimples. It is important not to spread bacteria by constantly touches our faces with our dirty hands. We should be washing our hands throughout the day.


Acne can negatively affect our self-confidence and self-esteem in a major way. It is important to use these tips and tricks to keep our skin clear and pimple free. If you look good, you feel good.


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