The Benefits of Facials

Dec 15 , 2020

One of our favourite topics! We are so passionate about skincare because we know that having good skin is about more than just surface looks. Taking care of your skin improves your overall health and gives your self-esteem a boost – but how? Let’s take a deep dive into how facials are beneficial to our skin and mood.

“Facials” are a multi-step, multi-purpose skin treatment that includes steams, face masks, cleansing, exfoliation, a face massage and the application of a variety of creams and lotions. There are many types of facial treatments, and while choosing the right one for your skin type can seem intimidating, asking a professional aesthetician for advice can go a long way to helping your journey to good skin.

Some facials are moisturising, while others firm and restore your skin, and some focus on problem areas and certain skin conditions, such as acne and pigmentation.

What are some of the other benefits?

  1. May Reduce Stress:

Just like regular massages help relieve tension from your body, by stimulating specific pressure points on your face, facials may activate your nervous system, which can reduce anxiety and leave you feeling relaxed and soothed.

  1. Skin Rejuvenation

Regular facials restore lustre to tired skin and improve elasticity, as gently working the skin increases blood circulation. This slows down the ageing process and reduces the effects of pollution and stress.

  1. Detoxifies the Skin

Through the use of exfoliation and other techniques, facials deep clean the skin, making you look lit from within! Facials are also excellent for getting rid of blackheads and whiteheads from your skin and opening up your pores, easing the way for products to work their magic! 

  1. Treats Acne & Scars

This type of facial uses specific products to target your acne and improve your skin. Regular facials are beneficial to the skin, and this specialised treatment will have you looking bright and feeling beautiful.

  1. Eliminates Under-Eye Bags & Dark Circles

Through the use of masking, massage and soothing professional products, regular facial appointments will soon have you saying goodbye to those shadows under your eyes!

So, now we know that the benefits of facials far outweigh any hesitation you may feel – trust the experts! Spa Durban is proudly associated with Vhi Skincare, one of South Africa’s fastest growing skincare brands. To find out more about their various facials, click here to look through their Skin Bar to find the perfect option for you!