5 Benefits of Gel Nails

Sep 07 , 2022

A gel manicure has been the most popular choice for ladies for many years. A lot of women prefer a gel manicure over nail polish, and even over acrylic nails. We know that gel nails can be less costly than acrylic nails, but what are the other pros and why should we choose a gel manicure over regular nail varnish?

Let’s find out why a gel manicure is so popular and what the benefits are:


  1. Gel nails last longer than a regular manicure where nail polish is used. Gel manicures typically last 2-3 weeks, whereas a regular manicure will usually last up to a week. When it comes to a regular manicure, chipping can happen very easily, and you will usually find yourself repairing your manicure every few days. Gel nails are less maintenance.


  1. Gel manicures stay shiny and the colour doesn’t fade. Regular manicures tend to fade quickly, and the brightness and beautiful shine is lost after a few days. Gel manicures keep their glossy shine, keeping your nails looking fresh till your next appointment.


  1. Gel nails look and feel more natural. Unlike acrylic nails, there is no powder mix used. Very thin layers of gel polish are used for a gel manicure. This gives off a more subtle appearance. There is also no chemical odor omitted like that of acrylics.


  1. Gel nails dry immediately. There is no wait time after a gel manicure, because the nails dry immediately, thanks to the UV lamp that is used. The days of damaging your manicure after reaching for something in your handbag, or opening a can, are gone. You can walk out of the salon and continue with the rest of your day, instead of wasting time waiting for your nails to dry.


  1. A gel manicure will take about an hour from start to finish, which is reasonable. Application of an acrylic set can often be very time consuming. A regular manicure takes the shortest amount of time but also lasts the shortest amount of time.


We definitely understand the gel manicure craze!

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