Jul 14th

What is threading?

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What is threading?
Threading originated in eastern countries. It is a form of hair removal which uses a piece of thread cotton. This cotton is twisted and knotted around the hair shaft and then pulled. This continuous movement causes the shaft to be removed. This method removes the follicle which lasts up to 4- 6 weeks.
What are the benefits?
• Threading removes hair from the follicle and the effect last up 4- 6 weeks
• Threading is extremely precise and removes the thinnest hair shafts resulting in a cleaner look.
• It is cost effect!
• Excellent for sensitive skin. There are no chemicals or harsh products used.

The down side to threading
• It is often difficult to find a salon or spa that offers threading.
• Threading can only be done on the face.
• If done incorrectly it can cut the hair and skin.
The positive effects of threading outweigh the negative. Threading is so quick and has little to effect on the skin, it can even be done during you break!
Costing of threading
Eyebrows – R20
Upperlip- R20
Chin- R20
Side/Cheek- R 50
Full Face- R100


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