Sep 8th

The Ideal Skin Care Routine

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There are so many products out there, each one with its own special touch.Its so difficult to keep up..

We put together a skin care routine that works well with any skin care product.

Step One- Cleanse
Step Two- Tone
Step Three- Eye Cream
Step Four- Moisturize
Step Five- Sun screen

Step One: Remove eye make-up
Step Two- Cleanse
Step Three- Repeat Cleanse
Step Four- Tone
Step Five- Eye Cream
Step Six- Treatment Serum
Step Seven- Night Cream

Exfoliate twice a week- Preferably at Night after the Second Cleanse.
Apply a mask after you exfoliate, the mask must be applied twice a week.

Treat yourself and your skin to a Professional Facial.
Its Best to have a facial once every 28 days.

Follow this routine and your skin will radiate with beauty….
Spa Manager

  1. Avril
    February 25, 2014 at 7:59 am

    Please keep me updated with all specials
    want to bring my hubby in April for a couples package its his birthday


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