Mobile Spa – Corporate Wellness

Spa Durban’s Pop up Spa is a great way for your company to invest in the physical
and mental wellbeing of your employees or treat your valued clients to a memorable


Employees & Benefits

Work related stress presents a challenge for your business by negatively affecting
your employees’ motivation, morale and performance and by increasing staff
turnover. A simple solution is to invest in employee wellness.
Not only will a spa experience relax and restore your employees, it will show them
that they are valued for their input at work. For most businesses though, closing
down for a day to treat your employees to a spa day is not an option. This is where
Spa Durban’s Pop Up Spa comes to the rescue.
We travel to your venue, providing employees with on-the-go massages that target
stress reduction.


• Set up on site saves you time and transport cost for several employees
• Your business can still be fully operational whilst the pop up is on site
• Increase Staff motivation and morale
• Gift the spa experience as an incentive or reward
• Executive and employee wellbeing will improve on the job performance


Clients & Benefits

Whether your goal is to connect with potential clients and sell your brand, thank your
client for their loyalty, celebrate a shared win or simply to build and strengthen client
relationships, the Spa Durban Pop Up Spa is a unique and effective solution.
We’ll create a fun, relaxed and luxurious atmosphere to make your clients feel
pampered and special while our professional massage therapists work their magic
on your behalf.


• Enhance and improve client relationships
• Excellent networking or marketing opportunity
• This memorable and luxurious experience will make your business stand apart
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