Loyalty Benefits


Spa Durban Loyalty Cards

Benefit 1: Spa Discounts

*Receive 5% Off our Spa Treatment Menu
This is applied automatically
*Receive 5% Off All Online Vouchers, All Year Round!
Coupon Codes will be emailed directly to you.
Request your unique code by emailing loyalty@spadurban.co.za

Benefit 2: SpaBacks

*Earn SpaBacks with Every Purchase
(Treatments, products, vouchers)
*Book any treatment for a Monday at all branches and receive Double SpaBacks
*Book at Virginia or The Royal and receive Extra SpaBacks, all year round!
*Earn Double Spa Backs on Double SpaBacks Days
(24 May, 04 July, 22 Aug, 13 Sept, 05 Dec)
*SpaBacks can be used as a method of Payment or to Discount any Treatment or Voucher at any branch, or Accumulate them as Full Payment for your favourite Treatment
* Your SpaBacks balance is displayed on your purchase receipt

Benefit 3: Spa Durban Points

*Receive Points with Every Purchase
(Treatments, Products, Vouchers, Anything & Everything you do with us!)
*Points can be accumulated to unlock various rewards
* Your Points Continue to Grow until You’re Ready to Claim a Reward. Even if You Redeem SpaBacks, Your Points Continue to Grow
*You will Receive email notifications of points earned and rewards unlocked

Benefit 4: Birthday Treat

*Just Because we Appreciate You, You will Receive a Special Treat from Spa Durban On Your Birthday!

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