Treatments Available for Body Concerns

Nov 01 , 2019

Body Pigmentation, Scars and Sun Damage - Our In Spa RegimA Body Peel combined with a home care products improves the Appearance of Body Scarring, Uneven Skin Tone, Dark Marks, Brown Shaving Spots, Helps Fit Acne on the Back, Arms and Chest. This works on the Basal Skin Layer, causing regeneration of skin cells. It leaves your body glowing and soft to the touch.

Private Lightening - This Intensive lightening treatment, reduces excess pigmentation on the under-arm, bikini, thighs etc.

Stretch Marks - We have 3 main in spa treatments for stretch marks. RegimA  40% and 70% Peels- this is done as a targeted treatment on the area. Micro needling, This is proven to work on both white and reddish/brown stretch marks. And Finally Bellabaci & Lillan Terry Stretch Mark Oil, this massage is done in spa over the affected area.

Bloated Fat Tummy/ Love handles - Swiss Body Wrap to remove fatty deposits, tones and tightens skin, treats cellulite & stretch Marks

Callus and Pedi Concerns - Our Pedi Peel Improves Callus, Uneven Skin tone, Dark Marks on Toes & Ankles. Leaves the Feet Soft, Supple and Looking Great.

Stress - We offer several De-stressing Treatments everything from massages to Ozone Spa Baths.