Skin Lightening & Pigmentation Treatments

Nov 01 , 2019

Asethet Skin Peels – This Professional Peel Treatment Treats Pigmentation & Post Acne Marks, Superficial Scaring & Aging

Skin Lightening Facials – This Brightening Treatment Treats Pigmentation & Post Acne Marks. This In Spa Treatment takes 45mins & Leaves Your Skin Feeling & Looking Brighter.

Deluxe Skin Lightening Facials – This Intensive Lightening Treatment Treats More Severe Pigmentation Disorders. This Treatment takes 1 Hour & it is Recommended to have 1 Treatment Per Week for 6 Weeks for the Best Results.

Under-Eye Lightening Treatment – Treats Dark Circles & Weak Blood Vessels Around The Eye Area.

Skin Lightening Capsules – This Powerful Anti-Oxidant Inhibits Melanin Synthesis.

Vhi Body Lightening Treatments – We offer several Body Treatments to Treat Pigmentation on the Body & Private Areas.

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